Monday, September 8, 2008

Give me butter, or give me death

I was vegetarian for almost 20 years before I completely gave up dairy and eggs. Some dairy was really easy to give up, particularly since I'm lactose intolerant and had already limited my dairy intake quite a bit, but other things - like butter and cheese - were harder for me. I missed cheese A LOT at first and even had a couple of days when I wasn't sure I could live long term without some of my old favorites -- bagels with goat cheese and walnuts, cheese and veggie omelets, grilled cheese sandwiches, havarti on crackers...even nachos and pizza were on my mind on those days. But, believe it or not, the craving really does go away and I don't miss cheese AT ALL now. Of course, knowing how it's made and what the animals go through to provide the milk helps quite a bit as well.

Now, as for butter, well that's a different story. Of course, mind you, I wouldn't eat dairy butter for the same reasons I don't eat dairy cheese or other animal products, but I did miss the taste just about every day until recently. I made do without butter in my recipes and everyday cooking and I was getting along okay, but then I came across Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread and my vegan butter prayers were answered.

It isn't perfect for frying because of the low fat content, but it melts like a dream on biscuits, baked potatoes or pancakes and I have never had a problem baking with it.

If you decide to run out and get some of your own, keep in mind that only the light version is vegan. The regular Smart Balance Buttery Spread is vegetarian, but not vegan. (On a side note, I've heard that the regular version is better for frying and cooking for you vegetarians out there).

To read more about my experience with Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread and why I love it, click here.

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