Thursday, October 30, 2008

Warm up your tootsies with vegan winter boots!

It's getting colder here in Washington. We've only dipped into the low 30s a couple of times so far, but colder days will arrive soon, which means it's time to break out the winter clothes and boots.

Since I spent last winter in the South (North Carolina, to be exact) my wardrobe is not exactly up to Pacific Northwest winter standards, which calls for some serious scouring to find the best deals on vegan winter wear - especially warm winter boots to keep my always-freezing feet warm.

Since I'm searching for some cozy vegan winter boots, I figure other vegans are likely doing the same thing. So, I thought I would share a couple of the vegan winter boot options I have found so far...

If you loved Uggs before you went vegan, you might like this next style better. These vegan boots are made by Soda and also have a vegan fleece liner.

(Since this is an old post, the other items that were listed here are no longer available. So...I deleted those to clean up the post and just left this one pair of vegan winter boots up for now. I will make a note to write an updated post with some more vegan boots options. Thanks!)


  1. Those are great looking boots, and they should definitely keep your tootsies warm!

    have you ever looked @ ?

    They have great looking vegan boots as well, and they are running a free Shoes for a Year sweepstakes, good now through December 5!

    The lucky winner gets a free pair of shoes every month for all of 2009. Entries are made each time a purchase is made, however no purchase is necessary. Anyone can go to the site to enter ONCE at . They won't accept duplicate entries at this address, however.

  2. Thanks Michelle! This is a great resource - I am going to go check it out now!