Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vegan, Eco-Friendly Gifts for New Parents and New Babies

Just about everyone is going green these days - particularly new parents who are concerned not only about the planet their children will inherit, but also the health of their new baby and how they can limit the chemicals their new baby is exposed to. From the talc in baby powder to the dioxin in disposable diapers, new parents have plenty to be concerned about when it comes to harmful substances coming in contact with their new baby.

Vegan, eco-friendly, natural baby products can be expensive, particularly for new parents who may already be worrying about their budget now that they have a new addition to the family. With this in mind, giving vegan, eco-friendly, natural baby products to new parents as gifts - whether for a baby shower, Christmas or just because you care - can help ease the strain on their new baby budget while providing lasting, healthier options for caring for their baby.

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