Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Vegan Juicing Recipe

Yesterday ended up being a pretty busy day, so I wasn't able to find the time to post yesterday's juice recipe. However, it was pretty boring - since it was just plain carrot juice.

Today's juice was much more exciting, so here is the list of ingredients I used in today's juice:

4 celery stalks
4 carrots
8 kale leaves/stalks
1 two-inch piece of white onion
1 roma tomato
About 1/8 of head of purple cabbage

This combo came about from me trying to use up the last of the produce I had on hand in preparation of heading to the store tomorrow to restock my produce drawer and basket.

I juiced the purple cabbage first and was surprised at how much juice I got from the somewhat small piece I juiced. I also tried the purple cabbage juice before I added anything else and was surprised again when I found the taste of pure purple cabbage juice to really not be that bad at all.

Once I added in everything else but the onion, the end result definitely had a distinctive green juice flavor going on, which wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't quite as appealing as I had hoped. So I threw in the chunk of onion to spice things up a bit, which did the job nicely.

As for juicing the kale in my not-so-great juicer, I took the advice of Jackie, who was kind enough to leave a comment on a previous juicing post recommending that I run the kale through with the celery to give it something to wrap around. While I still think a better juicer would get more juice out of the kale, following this tip made a significant difference - thanks, Jackie!

If you would like to check out some of Jackie's other juicing tips and recipes, check out her blog here.


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