Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vegan Sales at Fred Meyer Through Saturday (July 30) - Plus Save More with Vegan Coupons!

As usual, Fred Meyer has some pretty good vegan sales going on this week. There are even a couple of vegan coupon matchups that make for even more savings!

Here are your Fred Meyer vegan deals for the week:

Organic Produce

Organic Strawberries (1 pound) - 2/$5.00

Organic Avocados - 2/$4.00

Private Selection Organic Frozen Berries - 2/$5.00

Conventional Produce

Personal Watermelon - 2/$4.00

Tuscan Cantaloupe - 2/$4.00

Blueberries (5 pounds) - $9.98

Blueberries (2 pounds) - $4.98

Blueberries (1 pint) - 2/$4.00

Rainier Cherries - $3.88 per pound

Red or Black Plums - $.98 per pound

Walla Walla Sweet Onions - $.79 per pound

Broccoli or Cauliflower - $.98 per pound

Other Vegan Goodness

Alexia Fries or Onion Rings - 2/$6.00
**Save more with this $1.00 off printable vegan coupon.

Fred Meyer Frozen Vegetables - $.79 (with in-ad coupon, limit 4)

Fred Meyer Frozen Potatoes - 4/$5.00 (with in-ad coupon, limit 4)

Turtle Mountain So Delicious Dessert (32 oz) - $3.98
**If you printed this .55 off vegan coupon when it was available, you can save even more!

Gardenburger Products - 2/$7.00

Fred Meyer 1/2 Gallon Orange Juice - 4/$5.00 (with in-ad coupon from sales circular - limit 8)

Fred Meyer Tender Twist Bread - $.99 (look for "vegan" at the bottom left corner of the package to find vegan varieties)

Imagine Rice or Soy Beverages - 3/$5.00
**Save even more with this $1.00 off printable vegan coupon! With a $1.00 off coupon, these will be just $.67 each - yay!

Vegan Beer! Vegan Beer! Vegan Beer!

Deschutes Beers (6 pk) - $5.99

I don't see sales on vegan-friendly beers very often, so I'm a bit excited. =)

Vegan Health, Wellness and Beauty

Alba Personal Care Products - 25% off

Nature's Way Select Supplements - 20% off (looks like coconut oil is included)

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