Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vegan Coupons in July 10 Newspaper

Sunday newspapers are a great place to get coupons, but we rarely see very many good vegan coupons in the inserts. That is why I was pleasantly surprised to see a vegan coupon or two in today's paper.

Here are the vegan coupons you can pick up today:

(From the SmartSource insert)

$1.00 of any two Smart Balance Buttery Spreads or Buttery Sticks (the light version is vegan)

$.75 off any one Smart Balance Rich Roast Peanut Butters

$.75 off any one Smart Balance Cooking Oil or Cooking Spray

$.75 off any one Smart Balance Popcorn (I believe there is a vegan option for this)

$1.00 off any one half gallon of Silk non-dairy milk

$1.00 off any two bags of Sour Patch Soft & Chewy Candy (This is made by Kraft, but is on PETA's list of accidentally vegan products)

Vegetarian folks, or those simply trying to eat healthier, might also be interested in these coupons:

$1.50 off any one carton of Smart Balance milk (This is NOT a vegan coupon)

$.75 off any one Smart Balance Omega Plus Light Mayonnaise Dressing (This is NOT a vegan coupon)

The Red Plum insert also has a coupon that might be good for vegan couponers, but I'm not sure. There is a $1.00 off coupon for any Nature's Bounty vitamin or supplement. I know this company offers several vegetarian options and does offer some supplements in vegetarian capsules; however, I'm not sure how many vegan options are available.

If you do not receive a Sunday newspaper at home, but are interested in these vegan coupons, here are a few ways you can obtain them:

- Ask friends, family members or coworkers who have newspaper subscriptions
- Ask local coffee shops if you can have the inserts from the papers they put out for customers
- Check local coffee shops for papers customers may have left behind for others to enjoy
- Visit a nearby recycling center

Of course, you can also run out and buy a Sunday paper, but if you do not have other uses for it, these are eco-friendlier options for just obtaining the vegan coupons you want without increasing demand for print newspapers and ending up with a newspaper that needs to be recycled.

**Also remember that coupon inserts vary by region, so the vegan coupons available in your region might be for a different amount off - or you could have some completely different vegan coupons.

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