Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make Your Own Natural, Vegan Toothpaste - Easy DIY Tips and Recipes

I've always admired those women and men who make all of their own soap and toiletries, grow and can their own food, live off of the grid with their DIY solar panels and whatnot, and just generally live in an almost completely self-sustaining manner.

Now, I really don't have much of an excuse for not doing that myself. I know how to make soap, I know how to can food and I reckon I could figure out how to install a solar panel (or better yet, delegate it to my partner). So, really my only excuse would be coming up with the upfront cash to buy the land and set up housekeeping in a manner that befits this lifestyle.

So, while we work out that little kink, my partner and I are always looking for new ways to go one step further and incorporate eco-friendly, natural, cost-effective (and, of course, vegan) products and habits into our life. We grow some of our own food in a patio garden, make about half of our personal care products, buy organic when we can and so forth.

Making our own toothpaste is one of those little steps and, really, I had no idea it was so easy to make my own toothpaste, or I would have been doing it a long time ago. Starting from a baking soda base, you can easily (and cheaply) make your own vegan, natural, eco-friendly, inexpensive toothpaste that the whole family will love.

I researched a ton of articles online to find little tidbits of info and recipe ideas in order to determine what would work best for us. So, I thought I would share that info with you just in case you are also thinking of easy, cheap ways to go green and improve your family's health and wellness.

Making your own toothpaste really is an easy and cost-effective way to take control of the products you use, save money and lower your impact on the environment. You probably already have everything you need and it will take you about five minutes to mix up your first batch. Plus, when you make your own stuff you know for sure that it doesn't have any animal products and that it hasn't been tested on animals.

For tips and recipes, check out this article: How to Make Your Own Toothpaste

**I apologize for making you click a link to get to my article on how to make toothpaste. When I wrote the article, I sold it (with exclusive rights) to the site that it now lives on, so I am not allowed to publish it separately on the blog -- I can only link to it.

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