Thursday, June 30, 2011

50% off @ After Completing a Bolder Challenge

If you haven't heard of Bolder yet, you might want to get on over to their website and check it out. On the Bolder site, you can take challenges and get rewards, which range from discounts and coupons to trees being planted or donations made to good causes.

For example, right now you can complete the challenge posted by ECOlunchboxes and earn a 50% discount on your next purchase of one of their reusable, eco-friendly lunch bags, containers or sets.

Here is how it works:
Go to the ECOlunchboxes challenge posted on Bolder.
Complete the challenge, which is to pack a snack without using plastic.
Post a message about how you completed the challenge.
You will then be given a discount code for 50% off, which is good at the ECOlunchboxes website.
You will also receive an email with the code, so you don't have to use it immediately.

While you are at the Bolder website, check out some of the other challenges currently available. While I was there today, I completed a challenge to have a tree planted and one where the challenge poster will eat vegan for one day for each action completed.

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